Saturday, 25 March 2017

Forever CHANGE: Making the CHANGE Evident.

Good day: 

Good people.

I am Olagunju, Success Taiwo. I am an author and I just published my first book titled:

 "Making the CHANGE Evident."

The book is talking about CHANGE. Here is my acronym of it:

C: Caring for.

H: Human.

A: Anxiety and

N: Needs through

G: God's

E: Enrichment.

I'm trying to make people to understand the process of CHANGE before it can be evident in our small world. As common and continuous it is; we seem to be yearning for it. The plan of God is to make CHANGE an obvious element is our world but there's something we are not getting right.

Therefore, my book is here to open our eyes as it deals with some subjects of our daily life.

The book is available for sale in two versions online via Amazon:

Or you can help to distribute it in your located country by ordering from me directly at a competitive price.

Whatever option(s) you like kindly please make this book a choice.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,

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