Friday, 19 January 2018

Respond to CHANGE and step forward!

Good day:

Family, friends & fans across the world.

Happy New Year!

I'm glad we all made it to 2018 and to all that we lost in 2017 I beseech that you will step forward and move on!

I'm here to keep you abreast of more information about my book "Making the CHANGE Evident". The main fact about the book is to encourage you not to settle for less, not to be average, not to be the same, not to allow this world to put you in a box and summarize your life and so on.

The book is a 123 page that contains powerful insights that God revealed to me in 2010 as I was trying to find a balance between the vicissitudes of life and the very call of God on my life as a messenger of CHANGE. During this time, I decided to write my first book which is available on both Amazon (Ebook & Paper) and Google Play Books (Ebook only).

My point is:

What are you waiting for? If you are tired of where you are: #Respond:#StepForward

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Remain blessed through Christ our Lord (Amen)

Thank you.

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