Monday, 23 April 2018


For a very long time the church have been indoctrinated to resent influence, they are indoctrinated into believing that every time people aspire to rise to prominent position to seat upon the notable place of influence it is carnality, we have created a theology that we are either to be carnal and influential or spiritual and private. Jesus was a man of influence.

Influence is the ability to mold your understanding into people without using force. To compel people to buy your beliefs without power but results. (Act 18:10 ) Shows that Jesus had influence.

It was the influence of Joseph of Arimatia that brought down the body of Jesus from the cross not prayers. It was as a result of the influence of Joseph arising from the relationship he has with Herod, He was buried in his tomb.

There are 2 principal way the Kingdom advances:



The Gospel is a Message and its an Ideology. It not just a message alone. One must not replace the other.

The Gospel is a message of the revelation of the Love of the Father demonstrated in the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus and the response of man to that act of Love and Benevolence is the result of the life of Christ demonstrated in man.

The ideology of the Gospel is a system that seeks to enthroned Christ in the value-system First, in the heart of men and across the striata of Human existence . the great commission is "Go ye into....." Into means to enter . Enter system. Enter government. When the righteous is on the seat of power, the people rejoice. if the VC of a university calls the name of Lord it is an advantage to the advancement of the kingdom of God in that territory. If the wealthiest man in Nigeria calls upon the name of God it an advancement for the growth of the church.

May God put someone around your Destiny that knows God and have influence.

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