Thursday, 12 April 2018


Don't just say "I love you," show it! Some people are smooth talkers. They can tell you "I love you" from morning till night but their actions are complete opposite. You say you love her but you are stingy, critical, abusive, judgmental, double dating, cheating and worse off all, demanding for sex, premarital sex! You call it "making love", no it is MAKING LUST! Any sex outside marriage is born out of lust, greed, selfishness, callousness and wickedness regardless of how "drunk in love" he is.
Don't be so hungry for "love" as a single lady you fall for any crap some play boys tell you just to get into your pants! I don't just listen to what you say, I watch your actions. If your actions do not tally with your confession, you are fake! Real love is filled with actions! Genuine love is a verb, not a noun, adjective, adverb or preposition! Verb! Original, ogbonge one!
Real love is super patient! Check 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. It is kind, it is generous, tender, affectionate, long suffering and has self control. If you always fly into rage every time your partner/spouse offends you, you are not walking in love. If you keep malice, murderously jealous, abusive and double dating/having affairs, you don't love your partner! Ask Jesus what real love is, you will burst into tears, you will realize all you've been displaying so far is nothing but trash! Real love is God, it takes God to love!
I'm not saying you should not tell your partner you love them, back it up with positive actions, your actions speak louder than your words!
Real lovers are doers not just talkers. They show it not just talk it. If you love your wife, sit down and listen to her pains. Let her share her heart with you. Assist her in the kitchen. Help her watch the children while she rests. House chores and taking care of the kids can be energy draining. Date her, take her out, buy her things. Be patient, gentle and kind to her. If you truly love your husband, honour him, respect him, adore him, give him food on time, stop denying him sex. Support him, pray for him, be patient, loving and tolerant of his weaknesses!
If you love your fiance/fiancee, don't ask them for sex. Respect them, honour them, buy them affordable gifts from time to time. Appreciate them, celebrate them, honour them, adore them, pray for them and always be there for them when the whole world is against them. That is how to show love!
Real people show real love. Mature people act more and talk less. Responsible people act without making noise!

© Seun Oladele

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