Friday, 20 April 2018


How do you get men drooling over you, chasing you and fighting hard to put the wedding ring on your finger?
1. CONFIDENCE: confident women are simply irresistible. Ladies who know exactly where they are going and how to get there never lack suitors. No man wants to waste his marital years dragging an unwilling wife down the path of success, it's maddening! When you aspire for greatness and you relentlessly work towards it, you are a quick magnet to highly responsible men.
2. INTELLIGENCE: The ability to have logical, rational discussion without fibbling is a number one magnet any day, any time. Intelligent men want intelligent wives. Local gossip turn men of vision off! Saying senseless jargons for hours on end without any meaningful contribution to a discussion at hand is a big turn off!
3. SMARTNESS: Men like smart ladies. Lazy posture, slow attitude, dragging feet, drooling, backward thinking, procrastination, passivity and idleness turn men off.
4. FRIENDLINESS: Friendly ladies always have men at their beck and call. A heart felt smile that begins from your eyes, a warm, charming personality, genuine care for others, servant hood, service, rendering help to people when they need it makes you a super hot cake for eligible bachelors!
5. HUMILITY: (not stupidity) makes you an instant wife material. Teachable, meek, humble women have men fight hard to win her hand in marriage. An arrogant, pompous, brash, sassy, saucy, snobbish lady is ugly to men!
6. NEATNESS: Neat ladies turn head. Forget about Kim Kardashian curves and plastic surgery. No need to bleach your skin. Just make or comb your hair regularly. Bath twice daily. Brush your teeth twice daily. Wear clean clothes, eradicate all body odour and wear clean foot wears, men will find you appealing.
7. FASHIONABLE: Forget about religion and get real. Trim our eye brow, soften your lips (use Rubb if you can't apply make up), wear make up that fits you not the one in vogue, wear the clothe that fits your body shape, be feminine. Look smart for work, look fabulous on special occasions, look beautiful to church.
8. LOVE YOURSELF: Women who love themselves have men fall in love with them. Hubby lost his head for me because I was madly in love with myself. I don't give a hoot if you don't like me, that's your business! I love God, I love people, I love myself, I'm crazy about me! I'm simply the best of my version! Never copy me, you will fail woefully. Just be yourself, love yourself and enjoy your uniqueness.
9. SEXUAL DISCIPLINE: Do you want a man come crawling and begging you to marry him? Close thy laps! Ladies who are pretty, confident, fashionable yet sexually pure are simply tantalizing! Oh my goodness, when a man wishes he has you and yet could not, oh my... oh my.... he goes crazy for you! Wait! I'm not talking about those play boys who threaten to dump you because you refuse to have sex. What the hell are you doing with such a cheap sex addict in the first place? Dump him!
10. SPIRITUALITY: Tongue speaking, Bible addict, prayer loving ladies are simply charming! Every man wants a praying wife. You are surely a rare specie if you love God and you shamelessly flaunt Him, godly men will beg God to please give you to them.
Alright. These and more qualities will help you attract your soul mate fast.

By Oladele Seun.

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