Monday, 30 April 2018

Wrong Driver

Yebade took a cab to Lagos motor park to board a vehicle going to Abuja to complete an assignment; on getting to the park, she entered a vehicle going to Calabar and the vehicle zoomed off.
As the journey progresses, she realized she was heading towards a wrong destination but decided to continue as she had some time in her hands.
Getting to Calabar, a day turned to two and two to three days and to a week, unfortunately, she couldn't return back to Lagos nor to Abuja where she had an assignment to do. She was stuck in Calabar with the feeling, 'Had I know, I should have turned back from the onset!'
The question is how many persons are saying had I know today? Please know that this article is for both male and female.
Marrying a wrong person is likened to going to a destination with a wrong driver to an unknown destination. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt.6:33). Many today seek first a marital partner, and righteousness falls by the wayside and that is why there is problem!
Singles should concentrate on becoming the individual God wants him or her to be first before a spouse because if you are not defined in purpose before marriage, it is difficult to defined in marriage.
To avoid becoming a victim of a wrong driver in your place of destiny fulfillment, you have to take heed to the Word of God and be committed to total obedience and not half obedience.
Seek godly advice, pray for wisdom and be honest with God, yourself and others. Don't assume you can change anyone, that is the work of God and not yours. Sex cannot keep a relationship, only God can, keep your bed skills till marriage!
Don't be bothered if anyone leaves you because of your right standing, as long as you're standing with God, you can never be stranded!
Good morning
Oluwatoyin Aremu

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