Tuesday, 29 May 2018


This article is going to be straight from my heart and it is not to judge anyone, please note that and read with an open mind; it'll be addressing both male and female.
So many Christians today makes Christianity looks boring, it seems that to be a Christian is to be a loner because that is the way they portray it.
Such people prefers to stay within the four walls of their room always, the only thing that could take them out is either work (where they still don’t talk to people because they share different religious view, note that I said religious view and not that they are even unbelievers).
Some, in their own church, it's a taboo to go to another church. On rare occasions you will see them in wedding occasions, but I cannot really say if they go for birthdays. I bet you know these category of Christians.
It is clear that we should not be unequally yoked in marriage but what about in friendship? There is nothing in itself wrong with being friends with an unbeliever but if the Christian finds himself or herself being brought into places that do not reflect the believer’s life, then this friendship is not in their best interests and need to be watched.
Now that is even unbelievers, what about believers?
You call yourself a Christian but others cannot use your bucket in the hostel, you are not hospitable, always wearing a hard face, and you think you are portraying Christ? No! Have you read Mark 2:13-17? Being moody is not Christ like.
This kind of attitude might even be the reason for delay in getting marriage. The problem is not always spiritual or that you decide to remain a virgin till marriage, it is not because you are a Christian or ‘SU’ as they call it, it not because you don’t ‘makeup’; it is because your character is faulty, permit me to say it that way. Stop trying to wear another person’s image because you feel your own image is not appealing, it is more of your character.
It is not a sin or crime to attend seminars that will bless you when it is organized by someone outside your denomination (I mean seminars that do not contradict God’s word). Your spouse will not drop from heaven to knock your door and say, ‘Beloveth I am your husband or wife’. Many times your intending spouse comes from your circle of influence but you don’t even step out let alone having influence.
It is not a crime to go see movies (godly ones though), treat yourself well, dress well, look good and smell nice. Let the joy of the Lord be seen over you because in His presence there is fullness of joy as seen in Psalm 16:11.
Christians should be the happiest people around, because we know the truth that Jesus has given us new life! Please note, not only are we to practice hospitality with Christians and non-Christians alike, friends and strangers, we are to practice it without complaining.
When a brother approach you without saying “God says”, that does not mean he is ungodly, you pray about it to know what next to do, even if it is a no, don’t be rude about it please. Like I always say, if your character was to speak about you, what will the story be?
Be a happy, hospitable and humble Christian!

 By Oluwatoyin Aremu.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. Please understand that I agree with a lot of the things in this article, however, I find this statement a little bit troubling, "This kind of attitude might even be the reason for delay in getting marriage." Who are we to say the reason why someone is not married. Is not God in control of our future? I know a lot of Godly men and women who are still single. They are very involved both in the church and their community, but for some reason they are still single. Is singleness a curse? There are so many Christians who think that. As Christians, I believe that our purpose is to glorify God in everything that we do and to enjoy him forever. Although I would love to be married someday , but being single really taught me what it's like to fully depend on God. This sweet and deep connection is so surreal and I don't think anyone could ever fully fill that spot accept for God. My singleness is a gift to fall deeper in love with God.