Friday, 11 May 2018

Fading Culture.

There is a culture that seem to be fading among Christians today especially within youths and you need to revive it in your life if you're not use to it; it is called the giving culture.
This article is not for fund raising, it is just the truth that must be said. I'm not writing this so that you can give your hard earned money to someone else but know this: giving is receiving.
Unfortunately, unbelievers knows this principle of giving and they practice this culture very well and it works well for them.
Giving is not a function of how rich you are but an act of love in plain terms. You cannot say you love someone and cannot part with something to give that person, even God so loved the world that He 'gave' His only son and it did not stop there, even the Son was ready to give His life for you and I, oh what a height of love!
My pastor is rich, what else can I give him or her? Yes you can pray for him/her but let's be physical right now, you can buy handkerchief, you can buy tie, you can even get a pen, what matters is not the gift itself but the intention towards this. I remember sending recharge card to my mentor who is capable of buying the card and even my phone smiles, but he was happy I remembered him.
Hear me, your spiritual leader or mentor too needs love, it is not about you alone at all time, stop to think of what you can give to appreciate them too.
What about the people around you who cannot afford a meal, the less privileged, the widows and widowers, orphans, homeless children and so on? That elderly person next to you in a bus or car who is begging the driver for a free ride, if it's within your power, why not pay?
I saw an old woman trying to cross the road a certain day but the vehicles were not ready to wait for her, I'd crossed to face my way but I had to return back to help her cross before facing my own way, or in a BRT bus where I was seated and an old person is standing, I stand up for such to sit, that is giving and it is called an act of service. It is even biblical to respect elderly ones (Lev. 19:32).
You can give in many ways but also consider the giving in kind, don't be the receiver always, try to give too. Give your time to listen to someone who's in need of a listening ear. Give a portion of your time to pray for others. Don't be selfish in prayers or be amongst those folks that says, "Please pray for me" without praying for others.
Whatever seed you sow now will grow for harvest in your future or even generation, what will you harvest? Remember, while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest shall not cease (Gen. 8:22).
Put a smile on somebody's face today no matter the status. You make a living by what you get but most importantly, you make a life by what you give.
Oluwatoyin Aremu

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