Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Modern Christian Dressings.

This article is straight from my heart and I will call a spade a spade. This issue is a controversial issue in the body of Christ and it's now eating too deep into many, both male and female.
You have said Christianity is a thing of the mind and God looks at the heart and so a particular type of dressing does not determine your relationship with God, okay I agree with you.
Starting from the female gender, you have argued about trousers and some even said it is not body revealing; that's okay if you say so. What is now this new thing about shredded trousers (not sure if that's what you call it), blouse like dresses, extremely short skirts, revealing blouses!
You say it is not revealing but you wear one that has a cut on the thighs, is that opening showing us your eye? How do you wear torn trousers all in the name of fashion?
Unfortunately, you now wear it even to the church, oh Lord my Father! Where is fashion leading us 21st century Christians to?
I am not here to argue about your school of thought that says that those who wear garments are worse in attitude or what have you, neither am I condemning anyone, I am here to remind you that you are in this world but not of the world as seen in John 17:16.
How well is your dresses modeling the Christ you said you receive?
I see men with some haircut like a gangster, pants dropping from the waist in the Church of God or Christian gatherings and yet they do not see anything wrong in that because God is only interested in their heart right.
If your place of work gives you a rule not to dress this way, will you? I trust you will look more than decent so as to save your work, how difficult is it now for God? Oh please, before we see your inside, your outside will speak, what message is your outer appearance passing to people? Will you buy a fruit not looking fresh from the outside hoping the inside will be so fresh? Let's be real with ourselves and do all things possible to be modest.
Nobody is saying you cannot dress well but you have to remember you have been bought with a price and so glorify God in the adorning of your body. The uniqueness of a lady is in the design of her body. It was specially formed in such a way that it should be properly packaged; otherwise it will be seriously abused, hence she will become a sexual object.
Many of our dresses depicts us as men and women of little or no virtues, permit me to say that.
Does the Holy Spirit still speaks to you about your dressing or you have silenced his voice for your own conviction? Beloved, let us all show Christ in all we do.
Song: While passing through this world of sin
And others your life shall view
Be clean and pure without within
Let others see Jesus in you
Can we still see Jesus in your dressing?

Oluwatoyin Aremu

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