Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Marriage Vow.

"I, Oluwatoyin, take you Oluwasegun to be my wedded husband, to love and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. These lines are the marriage vow couples take on their wedding day".
I read an article yesterday that said taking these vows are wrong because God did not promise us worse, poorer, sickness and so on. I make bold to say that is not true, apologies if it hurt.
It is time we all endeavor to know the Word of God well so that when we read or see something contrary, we can easily know. The writer said God did not permit those things to happen when he/she was single, so it can't happen in marriage; my question is was money always at your beck and call even as single? Did you not go through any challenging period as single?
This is a controversial topic as I know that some 'big' churches has modified this vow, for better for best, in riches and more riches, in health and better health. O my Father my God where did that came from?
Who says we will not experience low times? Had it been all rosy, Christ wouldn't have said in John 16:33 that 'In this world, there will be tribulations but be of good cheers for I have conquered the world'.
That verse says there will be challenges but He is with us to see us through. As Christians, you cannot shy away from challenges, even Jesus couldn't, but we have a promise from the Father that He will see us through. Hardships are not to crush us but to refine us into the image of Christ.
No one prays for bad things to happen but when they happen what will you do? This is what the vow is all about. Your willingness to stay put with your partner to face the challenges: in sickness, financial lack and so on are what makes the vow valid. Through it all, we hope for better, we truly love through worse, and we remain married.
If marriage was easy, there would be no reason for taking vows. Vows are something we take in order to show our commitment to some aspect of life that is difficult to perform or carry out.
Vows are promises that shows your determination to go against the flow when it seems going with the flow is the only option available. Remaining true to your vows in the face of pain and tragedy is what makes you a responsible adults in a world that lauds irresponsibility.
Marriage is sweet and will be challenging but in the face of the challenges, will you still be committed? This is the essence of the vow and not that you are declaring evil in the marriage.
Beloved, let no one deceive you, there will be challenges that will test your love and commitment to God and your spouse. Will you remember to practice your vows at such time? Will you then say for better I stay and for worse or slight change I leave? This is why lots of marriages ends in divorce.
I have realized that we are in a generation that want things to go on smoothly always, what then will test your love and commitment to God and to your spouse?
This will bring me back to the verse I was given when I received God's call; 2 Timothy 4. Look at what verses 3-5 says, 'For the time will come when they will not listen to the sound doctrine, but having itching ears, will heap up for themselves teachers after their own lusts; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and turn aside to fables. But you be sober in all things, suffer hardship, do the work of an evangelist, and fulfill your ministry.'
Don’t be deceived! People are diluting God's word.
Sometimes life and marriage are unpleasant, it is for these times we promise our steadfast support, respect, and fidelity when we say, for better for worse. Hear me, it is not the days of ease that makes marriage stronger and happier, it is the days we had to walk through the difficult parts!
God bless you.

Oluwatoyin Aremu

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