Friday, 4 May 2018

Which Way?

The Bible encourages us not to forsake the fellowshipping with others and the church seem to be the first place to achieve this. As a result of this, we all belong to different church denominations, with different doctrines and beliefs.
It is not new to see people celebrate their church which is good; we must be proud of where we belong. But beyond that, which way?
I see how some persons are so committed to their church, so much that they do all things possible to defend their church anytime but my question is how much of commitment do you have to the God of the church?
This is a year of great exploits and raising men on fire for God but we need to quickly examine ourselves, are you a true worshiper of God or a true worshiper of the church?
It is not only by how we do it in my church, this is the way it should go but it is more of how God wants it and should be done His way.
God is interested in you walk with Him far more than your work for Him, adhering strictly to your doctrinal belief and working in His vineyard without knowing the person of Christ is termed being religious and there is difference between being religious and being a Christian. I am not condemning anyone but I'm writing this with a heart that burns so that we Christians will be more involved with walking with God.
I am personally tired of seeing people worship their church even more than they do to God, remember that whatever you rate more than God is already a little god or an idol you're worshiping and the Bible made us to understand that 'thou shall not worship another God except me' as seen in Exodus 20:5-8.
Stop trying to please your church leaders more than you please God this year; possessing the person of Christ makes us spiritual while practicalising the principles of Christ makes us successful. Live by the principles of Christ and not of your church.
Don't worship your church but worship who your church is talking about which is God, and that is when your service will be acceptable unto Him.
I have come to wake us up from this trap of religion or 'churchianity' that the devil is now using to distract Christians. Don't forget I said it's not a crime to celebrate your place of worship but be careful not to worship it more than your God.
Make a decision to be aggressive in your walk with God this year, marriage is not the first thing, remove that from your mind right now and build a solid relationship with your Maker.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other things will be added. God first, others next!
Church of God or God of the Church?

By Oluwatoyin Aremu.

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