Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Workplace a tool for Evangelism.

Oh I can’t take that, how will you say I should not test the waters, I need to know what I want to purchase so I won’t buy the wrong one, this is one of those things I hear in my office, ungodly conversations and so on. It did not take long before I was noticed as a Christian by His grace because I had to separate myself from many things.
At a point I was nicknamed ‘Mummy GO’ even till date, I am not judging anyone but I want to shed light on the topic above. I ensure that my stand is known on trivial issues because I am called to be a light to the world and it should shine not only in the church or street but also at workplace. It can be pretty difficult sometimes to totally avoid ungodly discussions but it can be possible by creating measures to help you.
As a Logistics and Protocol officer in an Insurance Office, there are opportunities to ‘play’ around figures, break rules or policy for personal gain but I just could not no matter how small. Some days ago, I was to collect lunch packs for my colleague, got extra one which I knew from the lunch room but ignore, immediately I stepped out, my mind was troubled, I couldn’t even eat my rightful own in peace and so I said to myself, food will not spoil my spiritual life so I returned it to the lunch room.
The caterers were surprised, I was at peace, this may look small but my peace in Him means a lot to me. People bring request to me to process fund for them and some are kind of dubious but by His grace I make sure I stick to the right policy guiding such to the extent that someone refused to bring a transaction payment to me because I will not do it.
No matter where you are, others are watching you to determine if your believe is real or you're an impostor. The world is looking or waiting to discredit your faith, you are the Bible they read. Many do not believe in keeping the bed of marriage undefiled but by His grace I was able to teach them on this and many times now such discussion is not freely said around me anymore.
There is no shame in sincerity
You do not have to hide your Christian views; you don’t have to be intimidated into silence because you are different; and you don’t have to be afraid to openly proclaim your faith.
You can be a Christian at work and you can start now!

By Oluwatoyin Aremu.

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