Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Courtship is the period in a couple's relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, to win the affections of each other and know more about each other with a view of marriage. In the light of this, whatever you do in courtship determines the success or failure of it. Note that not all courtship end up in marriage. Virtually everyone have experienced the hurt of a broken relationship/courtship at one time or another. We are bound to be hurt and disappointed, for we live in a fallen world. What we choose to do with that hurt and disappointment can make us stronger in our walk with the Lord and in building our self.
Know that, as believers we are not defined by our past failures, disappointment, or the rejection of others. We are defined by our relationship with God. We are His children, born again to newness of life, endowed with every spiritual blessing, and accepted in Christ Jesus. We have the faith that overcomes the world (1 John 5:4).
This is not theory, I've also had an experience of that too, I can say it is not an easy situation, I cried and cried but that didn't change anything. I then encouraged myself and took advantage of the situation to invest in myself, to get closer to God, to fashion out my vision well and today I kind of appreciate the brother for walking away-although he might not be aware of the positive aspect of the break up-because he helped me become a better person, opened my eyes to my inner man, and of course gave room for the right person. You too can do the same. Stop brooding over the one who left or the one you left and get hold of yourself for a better tomorrow.
A broken courtship or relationship is far better than a broken marriage. That relationship will not work well if that's not where your destiny lies, if that's not your destination, it will fail. Oh mine mine, God is seriously a God of love, believe me and see it like this: God allowed the courtship to fail so as to save you of future headache, He sees beyond our nose. He saw into Joseph's future you remember. When a person walks out of your life, God has another person set up to walk in! Trust God, heaven is definitely working out something as long as you are sincere in the place of prayer.
From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, you and I survived. You may not be for everyone, but you are definitely for someone! Trust God for the right relationship.
Confession: I might not be someone's first choice, but am indeed a great choice.
Prayer: Strengthen me oh Lord
I celebrate you.

Oluwatoyin Adebowale

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