Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Music Ministers.

Sister Lizzy is the praise leader of her church. When she sings you feel like heaven on earth, and she is well committed to this especially by attending rehearsals and outings which attracted quite a number of admirers.
She fell in love with one of her admirers and started a relationship with him. They had lovey dovey outings but one thing lead to the other, they got involved with immoralities, graduated to the main act but yet she still minister in the church.
Brother Emmanuel also sings well. There is always an invitation to minister somewhere every time but he got carried away and has more interest in the honorarium than ministration. Sadly, he accepts invitation based on how favorable the honorarium is.
Oh how I love people that sings very well both male and female, be it worship or praise songs! It connects me quickly to the realm of the Spirit and I guess that is it with many others.
Music generally, especially worship songs has a way of leading people into that inner place of deep intimacy and praise to God, relieving us of any stress or worry and many more. I hope I have a witness to this?
This article is not meant to judge or condemn anyone, neither is it saying we don't have music ministers who are still godly, it is just a reawakening call to someone reading this.
Many like sister Lizzy (male and female) has been carried away with admirers, defiling themselves. Where were you after the rehearsal? What ministration is going on between you and the choir director or member?
Please don't be carried away by the number of invitations you receive in that you will neglect your own secret place. Do not let honorarium push you to become lovers of money than the gospel you are called to preach. Don't forget that this ministry was Lucifer's ministry and he will do anything possible to stop you because he knows how God cherished music. He fell and he wants you to fall too.
Worship is not entertainment, it is not enhanced by props or how talented or loud the singer is. We do not approach God based on sights and sounds alone but a deep revelation of who He is to you. How much of this revelation do you have as a music minister?
Your ministry is not a performance or entertainment show! It is deeper than that believe me! It is not when you sing the best of worship song with our two eyes closed and our two hands raised up, feeling the spirit. It is not when you play on chords on the keyboard (this article includes the instrumentalists too) and are carried away by the tone of it. It is more of making yourself a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - Rom. 12:1.
You are first a vessel in the hands of God, be filled with more of Him so that the purpose the Son of man was made manifest will be work for you to silent the devil in your ministry. Are you still preaching the gospel with your songs or you are more interested in giving people what they want? Is God still inspiring you in writing songs? I beseech you beloveth, take time to check yourself today and make amends.
I love you and God loves you much more.

Oluwatoyin Aremu.

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