Thursday, 7 June 2018


Have you imagined how it would look like to fly an airplane only with an autopilot? Even though you're sure of its technology and sophisticated computerized gadgets, you'd still want a human being to fly the airplane. Won't you?
Life is a journey. Who we walk with and how we walk through it will determine our destination. Marriage likewise is a journey, it is sweet but there are also road blocks, potholes and bumps as you journey through the path of marriage. Don't think marriage will always make you happy, the storms in it will also test your happiness.
The story in the book of Luke 8 should be familiar to you, where Jesus and His disciples were in a boat and there arose a great storm. They called unto Jesus and He said, 'Peace be still' and there was calmness as they continued their journey.
Seeing this passage from another aspect, as regards relationships, how can you sail through storms that could arise in your courtship or marriage?
First, there was a boat, where Jesus and disciples were. The union of you and your spouse (marriage or courtship) is the boat where you two are sailing through life on a marital course. You cannot call God to calm a storm in a wrong boat. If your relationship isn't that leading to marriage which God knew of, He cannot calm a storm where He is not acknowledged.
Who is in this boat with you? Are you going alone? Is Christ with you in this boat, something or someone else? This is a wake up call for you today. Is Jesus ruling your relationship/marriage, are you convinced about this person? If no, please use this opportunity to make amends, run to Him today because challenges will come and only His presence can help you sail through.
Secondly, we saw in that passage that, despite the fact that Jesus was in the boat, there was still storm. The storm was aware of His presence but I believe it happened to know His disciples' faith level and for you to know that life isn't all rosy, even when you know God.
Now, the fact that God led you to her, or led you to accept does not mean there won't be challenges or quarrel, it will happen. For the fact that God is involved will even make the devil angry and try so many things to make the relationship (marriage or courtship) come to an end. The devil is always trying to make God a liar, it is left for you to deal with him in the place of prayer, purity in word, action and thoughts.
The disciples called Him, they woke Him up and He attended to the situation. You see why you need to have Him in your boat? So that you can call Him and He will answer. Oh I love this part of the Bible, 'And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.' (1Jn.5:14). Waking Him up means calling unto him in prayers, He's aware of the situation but wants you to exercise your faith in Him.
The strongest person is one who is dependent on God. The greatest is the one who is humble before God and the tallest is the one who kneels and bends before God, because the best way to stand up before the world or any life challenge is to kneel down before God. Is Jesus in the boat of your life, courtship/marriage? Invite Him today and make necessary amends.

By Oluwatoyin Aremu

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